german shepherd dogs

the love of our lives

many words can be used to describe the german shepherd dog; steadfest and true, dedicated, tough, agile and athletic, patient and flexible, graceful and intelligent. there is no other breed that has the stamina nor the diversity of the amazing German Shepherd Dog. They become totally bonded to their family and with good manners instilled from the beginning the German Shepherd is calm, unwavering in its attitude, loyal, obedient and always alert. 

'The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) that corresponds to the  SV Standard offers the observer a picture of rugged strength,
intelligence and agility, whose overall proportions are neither in excess or deficient in any way.

The way that he moves and behaves leaves no doubt that he is sound in mind and body and possesses physical and mental traits that render possible an ever-ready working dog with great stamina

With an effervecent temperament, the dog must be cooperative adapting to every situation, and take to work willingly and joyfully. He must show courage and hardness as the situation requires defending his handler and his property but otherwise being a fully attentive, obedient and pleasant household companion. He should be devoted to his familiar surroundings, above all to other animals and children, and composed in his conduct with people. All in all, he gives a harmonious picture of natural nobility and self-confidence.
(from: The FCI Breed Standard-The World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs WUSV; translated by judge Fred Lanting, 1998)' (Ref; http://www.world-class-germanshepherd.com/id6.html)


the early days of the breed are well documented, the modern German Shepherd resulted from Rittmeister Max von Stephanitz's purchase of a working herding dog called Hektor Linsrhein, his name was changed to Horand von Gragrath. Stephanitz and his friend Herr Artur Meyer formed the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, the 'SV' and Horand was designated SZ1- the very first German Shepherd Dog to be registered.


German Shepherd Dogs