past litters

some of the outstanding roedamar puppies
we are extremely proud of every puppy that we have ever loved and we love to hear from our families so if you are lucky enough to own a roedamar puppy and would like a photo added here just email a copy to us and we will upload it


Roedamar Hanover 'INDY' at 6 months


Roedamar Ecko & Ella


mia and her pal


typical roedamar 'pup'
Roedamar Ando age 9 months

prize wining photo of this lovely boy

Roedamar Bear at 9 months

This is the story of Roedamar Bear and the email we recieved from his wonderful family at the end of 2010
Good Afternoon Martin,
Hunter arrived into the world March 2009 and came to live with us at 8 weeks old in May 2009. He was the furry little bear with the green collar from litter B!
He has grown into the most handsome fella and brought us so much happiness. He has received many compliments from all who see him.He really is a beauty.
Dog training Ireland told us he is probably the best looking GSD they have seen in a very long time.
He is very smart and loves to learn and is doing very well. He is in great health and I swear he is still growing. @ 56kg he is fighting fit and healthy. He is both sweet and soft and when he needs to protect automatically switches on.
I just want to thank you both for breeding this fine dog and giving him the best possible start in life. I have no dough that this is all down to the care and dedication you give to breeding and caring for your dogs.
We will send you on some Photos of Hunter over the pass 18 months.
His best friend is an 11 year old miniature Maltese Terrie called Lucky who weighs in at 4 pounds and has no Teeth!! It is quite funny to see them together.
Lucky Story is not so good...
Hunter sniffed Lucky out of a bin in September 2009, she had been dumped and was close to death. We rushed her to the emergency Vet in UCD were there treated her for shocking neglect.
She had very little hair, no teeth and was covered in sores. Her nails were over 4 inches long. She had ulcers in both eyes and could not see out of them due to dirt.
We are sure she spent her entire life in a cage on a puppy farm were she had many litters year in year out until she was of no use to her cruel owners that they dumped her in a bin! She has a slight Arch on her back as she spend her life in a tiny cage. It was shocking and so sad to see her that day. It is a day I will never forget
We decided to keep her and nurse her back to health. We named her Lucky! She is healthy and has a beautiful white coat and loves to eat! She is very happy with Life and Hunter is so gentle with her. They are the very best of friends.
Thanks you again for Hunter he really is one of a kind.


this is a video of a roedamar litter at six weeks old.  After their parvo jab they are able to get out and about in the garden and explore their environmant.






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